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VISIONAIRtronics provides a bespoke service to niche clients who want to understand the application of ISR and UASs to their domain. We do not limit ourselves to how an asset works, we enable the customer to understand how to employ a system, integrate it and truly acquire a capability. We understand that ISR is about the whole not just the collect or the intelligence generation: it is about working in complex, contested, confused and connected environments to understand the unknown and achieve decision advantage.




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ISR Foundation Course

Using a combination of classroom based lessons and practical exercises, we introduce the student to the fundamentals of the ISR process and its application within contemporary operations. This course will cover the integration of intelligence with commanders decision making through Information Requirements Management (IRM), sensor to target matching and tactical employment of assets and capabilities through Collection Management (CM). Although this course is designed as an introduction to ISR, we focus on ensuring that the ISR process is fully integrated into the wider context of military operations across the Air, Space, Land, Maritime and Virtual environments.

Course length: 2 Weeks

ISR Practicioner Course

Focusing primarily on the development and application of ISR tactics to exploit targetable signatures and providing decision advantage to commanders and operators. The course is very practical in nature. It focuses on developing the students abilities to understand sensor capabilities and efficiently employ them on ISR operations across a range of environments. Further to tactical integration of sensors, the student will learn and practice how to dynamically adapt to changing situations such and emerging Time Sensitive Targets (TSTs) and developing contingency plans.

Course length: 2 Weeks

ISR Commanders Course

As well as introducing commanders to the ISR process and employment of sensor types, we will explore the complexities that arise around the prioritisation process and provide guidance on the coordination of multifaceted operations. During the course students will study the art of decision making in complex environments and efficient management of ISR staff. Practice makes perfect. This course will test commanders abilities to build, coordinate and lead great ISR teams in realistic synthetic environments.

Course length: 1 Week

Land ISR tactics course

This course is designed primarily to support those commanders and planning staff operating in the land environment at the tactical level. Leveraging the extensive operating experience of VISIONAIRtronics instructors, the students will learn how to optimise ISR support to ground basedoperations. During the course the students will study real life case studies to ensure that they can apply ISR doctrine and theory into practical decision support to ground operators. The emphasis throughout the course is on close cooperation and integration with both the planning and execution of tactical operations. It covers the full range land operations from Force Protection and STAP through to HVI targeting and attack the network operations.

Course length: 1 Week

ISR Strategies for Asymmetrie Course

Asymmetry is not a new concept in warfare, however, asymmetric tactics are changing and we must stay current with both the changing character of conflict and emerging technology. In this course our instructors use their wide-ranging knowledge of contemporary operations and modern battlefield (and commercial) technologies to teach the students how ISR processes and collection capabilities can be employed against asymmetric and non-traditional threats. The range of operations covered spans from ISR support to counter criminal networks through to ISR support to Information Operations.

Course length: 1 Week

Collection Managers Course

The course is very practical in nature. It focuses on developing the students abilities to understand sensor capabilities and efficiently employ them on ISR operations across a range of environments. Over the course of a week, VISIONAIRtronics instructors will build the confidence of the students in their abilities to deliberately plan and execute a collection operation. Using a series of realistic synthetic scenarios, students are exposed to a variety of challenges that will stretch their cabilities and develop them as capable ISR collection managers in any environment and at any level of command.

Course length: 1 Week

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