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are as diverse as our customers critical missions

we help you to gather, analyze and disseminate the right information

Remotely Piloted Aircraft System and Sub-Systems

Helicopter, Fixed Wing, Avionics, Sensors, Data Links and GCS.

Each mission has it`s well defined requirements and framework.

Take a look at our solutions and convince yourself.

ISR Solutions and Courses

Surveillance of critical assets. Security planning or following strict governmental and military Intelligence cycles... we deliver the perfect fitted solution.

System Integration

Fitting technology into existing environments or operations is a critical task and should always be supervised by experts. Our personnel assists you from the beginning to the continuous maintenance.

Simulation Systems and Training

Cockpit Procedure Training, Full Mission Simulator, Door Gunner Simulator, Tactical Simulation for Aircrafts and Ground Forces.



VISIONAIRtronics is an Austrian based company specialized in product supply, system development and integration and training in the defense, governmental and first responder industry.

Our high-tech company focuses on production and integration of RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System), ISR Solutions and goods for dismounted forces, fitted to our customers critical operations in demanding environments.

Our dedicated experts are working at highest levels to develop and implement your perfect solution. We provide professional support throughout the whole process from concept, over deployment to maintenance activities.


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